SGF Akume Urges Nigerians To Endure, Says "Hardship" for a while

SGF assures Nigerians that President Bola Tinubu meant well for the nation.

18th July 2023 12:34 AM

The Secretary to the Government of the Federation, George Akume, wants Nigerians to bear the hardship brought about by the subsidy removal.

Akume stated in Abuja on Monday, while speaking to a delegation of the North Central People’s Forum led by the Senator For Plateau South Constituency, Senator Jeremiah Useni.

He said that the president of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu, meant well for the country, stressing that the president would not disappoint Nigerians.

The SGF further assured Nigerians that the pain would soon come to an end, adding that there would also be an improvement in the standard of living.

Akume said, “This government will not disappoint Nigerians. The President means well but we can go wrong. When we go wrong, correct us.

“President Tinubu so far has taken bold measures which have impacted the national economy and sent positive signals to policymakers, local and international, that the government means business.

“I urge Nigerians to bear the pains of the removal of subsidy on petrol and its negative impact on the cost of living. I want to assure you that after the pain there will be a significant improvement in living standards generally.”