Nigerians And South Africans Get Access To Twitter Blue

Nigerians And South Africans Get Access To Twitter Blue.

06:49 PM WAT, Sat March 11, 2023

Twitter users in Nigeria and South Africa can now access Twitter Blue in their countries for ₦5,000 and R144.99 per month since the social networking service relaunched a revamped version of its subscription service Twitter Blue last year.

Prior to this time, users in Nigeria and South Africa who subscribed to the service used virtual private networks to access other countries’ IP addresses where the service is available.

This was due to the fact that not all countries where Twitter is accessible could get the subscription, including Nigeria and South Africa.

Twitter is offering a 12% discount to woo Nigerian users and a 13% discount to South African users if they choose the annual subscription, but, the prices for the subscription, based on device, are not uniform. However, those subscribing on their iOS and Android devices pay the flat rate of ₦5,000 and R200.00 monthly, while those subscribing for the web service will pay ₦3,650 and R144.99 monthly.

For users who decide to go for the annual subscription, they get to pay ₦38,500 and R1,519 for web, while those on iOS and Android devices will pay ₦52,900 and R2,099. This is how Twitter runs its pricing in all countries that have access to Twitter Blue.

While many users are considering subscribing to the service for a blue tick, some are yet to see it on their devices. All they can see, despite being in the location, is that Twitter Blue is not yet available in their country. Others see "coming soon" after clicking on the Twitter Blue icon.

Twitter Blue is now available in over 35 countries with more expected as time goes on. At the helm of leadership, Elon Musk first launched Twitter Blue in December 2022 at an $8 per month price point with the Blue verification mark for paying users.

Later, the social media platform introduced new features like the ability to post 60-minute videos, and 4,000-character tweets, and get priority in conversations. The plan also has some legacy features like an edit tweet functionality, a thread reader and bookmark folders.